Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Response To A Facebook Friend Who Claims That No Good Can Exist Without The Grace of God And The Bible

Cool... that is why your faith gives you strength and support, and if that works for you, more's the better. If you believe there is no good in your life without reliance on your spiritual master and benefactor, then you have your guidebook. There are billions around the world that might differ on which guidebook is the right one, but that's a quibble, yes?

I am not a wretch, am not lost, am not blind, don't want or need a guidebook, and revel in the wonderful, exasperating insanity that is our waking existence. I live a very good life, thankyouverymuch. It's not perfect, but then if it was, how boring would that be? No rollercoaster means vanilla, every day, all the time. I like chocolate and strawberry, too! And it melts! And sometimes it drips on your new shirt!

I see the beauty of the natural world in all its complexity, and I know in my very center that this is the only life I will live in a conscious state. I breathe in and out with my internal gills, accept the dimensional illusion of light receptors in my eyes as the 'real' world, and wake up every day with the knowledge that the electrical impulses that power my heart and lungs and bloodstream will keep me moving as long as they are able. Once that ability fails, my time will be over and done with. My energy center will be absorbed into the vast power generator that is our small Blue planet, to be re-used in some other way.

We exist in a vacuum, floating in space, protected by a micro-thin layer of atmosphere that is akin to the skin on an apple. We have all the water, all the oxygen, all the CO2 and nitrogen that there ever was or ever will be. We breathe the same cocktail that the dinosaurs did, albeit a bit more, shall we say, chemically enhanced? To me, that is one of the most amazing aspects of life right now... and the new dinosaurs are the birds that fly around us and we burn their ancient remains so we can drive to fetch a double latte' and buy a new shirt because we ruined the other one with melted ice cream.

Honestly, when I consider your worldview, it gives me even more to ponder. It allows me to chew the cud that is thoughtful analysis of why my feet stick to the ground, why the very sight of my wife's smiling face gives me butterflies and the knowledge that someday soon, I will have a track day car with which I will indulge my need to drive as many fast laps as I can, over and over and over again, until my helmet pops off my bald head from pure, unadulterated bliss. And I will have the dinosaurs to thanks for that.

Oh my gosh... our life is a wonderful, mad, horrifying, fantastic rip in the vast time-space continuum. And we each seek out that which helps us to make sense of it. We are so lucky to have the chance to choose how we live it, and I am eternally grateful to have people like you and my wife and all the other humanoids I like to share the ride with. Like some sage once said, 'We are all just Bozos on this bus.'

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